• Saviour

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  • Holocaust

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  • Over Your Shoulder

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  • God Is Coming

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  • The Last Laugh

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  • Going Nowhere

  • Saviour

    Who hears the voices calling, who calls to rise above them?

    Who rises when they've fallen, Taking an oath for the trouble they're causing.

    Who reaches out for knowing, who knows when they've been chosen?

    Who chooses not to burden the path of the brother with light before him.


    Who lives a life of slumber, who sleeps upon the water?

    Whose water drowns the others, taking an oath for the trouble they're causing.

    Who asks a simple question, who knows when who's forgiven?

    Who chooses whose redemption?

    Do góry


    Take me with you when you go, I'm not staying here alone,

    Push the button by the phone...

    Inner freedom overshadows greed and reasons to stick around,

    Crazy dreaming keeps me gleaming you'll be seething going down.

    I'd waited so long, but the dream was over before it had begun,

    I've waited so long, now you haven't time to run...

    Do góry

    Over Your Shoulder

    Cautiously take cover in the woodland - no mistakes at all.

    Some terrain will catch you at your weakest - careful not to fall.

    Stay by the fire, sip from your water,

    lie in position, the winds blowing colder.

    All these conditions will keep you from dying

    as long as you're looking over your shoulder.

    Stay aware of echoes in the moonlight careful not to call.

    Don't engage in any kind of dreaming, conscious through it all.

    If in doubt find space beside a river, careful not to drown.

    Stick it out, there's hope on the horizon - keep from going down.

    Do góry


    Poor boy he knows he's alive, he's afraid to learn,

    He don't want to get where he's going cos he thinks he's gonna burn,

    He can't handle being born in the middle of a big black line,

    No matter where he looks, to him it's just either side.

    Close your eyes when you feel you're going under,

    Close your eyes, you can make the shore this time,

    Close your eyes, you can make it through the wild.

    Poor boy he knows in this life he'll get hunted down,

    He don't want to make the transition into meat that feeds the ground,

    He can't hack it when his mind paints a picture from an evil eye,

    You can't wash the canvas now cos it's full of dye.

    Do góry

    God Is Coming

    Judas Judas don't you want me?

    Why can't you look me in the eye?

    I only tried to get to the other side,

    I only tried to survive.

    God is coming ...

    Do góry


    Angel cried last night; it was something in her dreams,

    Carving pictures on her bedroom wall,

    She wonders what it means,

    But gets by inside by saying it's not real,

    There's no reason to confuse myself, no matter what it seems.

    Angel lied last night to amputate her fears,

    With no question she exhumes herself from possibilities.

    Close your eyes it's fine by saying it's not real,

    There's no reason to forgive myself, no matter what it seems.

    And if I could grow some wings I'd fly away home...

    Do góry


    I had a dream, far away from here,

    Far away from you, far from all the pain.

    With strength in numbers, the sad betrayal braves,

    Return to desecrate those memories again.

    And there you were taking flowers from my grave...

    I kiss the ground but I can hardly breathe,

    As you scrape me from the pavement once again.

    Safety in numbers, you thought I'd washed away,

    But I'm still waiting for the rain...

    Do góry

    The Last Laugh

    And so you had the last laugh - ha ha ho... I laughed you off a long time ago.

    Your ever changing personality never fails to tickle me at all.

    You said you were a white witch, reminds me of a movie that you'd seen.

    Well can you still open doors with just your mind?

    In this little space in time, I've played with better things.

    Everything you've done...The games you said you'd won - I still remember all too well.

    The foes that fought and lost - the fools that bore your cross -

    I still remember all too well. And it's all a state of mind.

    I've seen you crave affection - affected minds don't work too evenly.

    What did you call it when you stabbed me in the back? and rewrote in retrospect lovers pain

    Where do you find redemption? Tucked away in pre-recorded dreams?

    Do you wake each morning wondering when it came?

    The experiments in pain no longer here in my world.

    Do góry

    Going Nowhere

    Somebody somewhere your life's going nowhere,

    Somebody somewhere your heart's growing colder,

    Somebody somewhere your game's nearly over,

    Somebody somewhere your life...

    Do góry