David Gilmour


  • Mihalis

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  • There's No Way Out Of Here

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  • Cry From The Street

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  • So Far Away

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  • Short And Sweet

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  • Raise My Rent

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  • No Way

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  • Definitely

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  • I Can't Breathe Anymore

  • Mihalis


    Do góry

    There's No Way Out Of Here

    There's no way out of here, when you come in you're in for good

    There was no promise made, the part you've played, the chance you took

    There are no boundaries set, the time and yet you waste it still

    So it slips through your hands like grains of sand, you watch it go

    There's no time to be lost, you'll pay the cost so get it right

    There's no way out of here, when you come in you're in for good

    And never was there an answer, there an answer

    Not without listening, without seeing

    There are no answers here, when you look out you don't see in

    There was no promise made, the part you've played, the chance you took

    There's no way out of here, when you come in you're in for good

    Do góry

    Cry From The Street

    Black shadows dance beyond the neon glow

    There's rumours in your head that just won't let go

    They hold on so tight, it makes your blood run cold

    ?Nailed as the night? trying to save your soul

    Don't ?...? pray, it's just a cry from the street

    It's ?...? believe that what they keep they own

    So you've lost someone that you thought you owned

    You know it's a crime but what can you do?

    That's the price you pay with each turn of the screw

    But don't pay no mind, it's just a cry from the street

    You really love the night, living on your love

    It's such a crying shame that things are so rough

    It's the sight of them screaming ?...? blinds you ?...?

    I guess the chances are you wish you'd stayed asleep

    But don't ?...? pray, it's just a cry from the street

    Do góry

    So Far Away

    What am I suspended here?

    Should I kid myself that I have no fear?

    I get no choice, I just have to wait

    It may already be too late

    I don't know what's going on

    She is here, but I am gone, I am gone

    My love is lying here

    She's far away though she looks so near

    ``Time will tell,'' she says to me

    When a warm ?...? is all I need

    Her peace of mind, her strength of will

    It will come, she's sure it will

    But how can I put my mind at rest?

    I feel I'm coming off second best

    And I'm cut with my own life

    Is this a dream or is it real life?

    Oh, sleep, come on me soon

    I can't bear this lonely room

    Look at that hair lying there

    The room is dark, she shows no fear

    I'm lying still, my eyes are wide

    My heart is pumping, I'm still alive

    I'm still awake against my will

    What will it ever take to still this burning in me?

    Do góry

    Short And Sweet

    You ask what is the quality of life?

    Seeking to justify the part you play

    And hide, fearing it incomplete, to try

    To make it any more or less than short and sweet

    But short, short is from you to me, as close

    As we are wont to try to make it be

    We're caught watching the dark in the sky, who knows?

    Helpless as time itself to hold the time of day

    And you, you are a fantasy, a view

    >From where you'd like to think the world should see

    Be true and you will likely find a few

    Building a vision new and justice to our time

    And we, we, the immoral men, we dare

    Naked and fearless in the elements

    And free, carefree of tempting fate, aware

    And holding off the moral nightmare at the gates

    And sweet, sweet as a mountain stream, we'll look

    Toward a new day breaking in the east

    We'll meet as every future dream unfolds

    And surely quality that is the very least

    Do góry

    Raise My Rent


    Do góry

    No Way

    There's no way I'm going to let go

    There's no way, because it's my show

    I'm hanging on for a little while

    I won't go down easy, that's not my style

    I'm all tied up, tied up in a knot

    And I can't decide just what it is I've got

    Did I get out of touch? Did I lose my way?

    I've not forgot, no, not a single day

    Now you might believe I'm not a happy man

    Putting myself apart from the common clan

    Well, the boat we're sailing, we have a leak or two

    But I know it's sound, like me and you

    Do góry



    Do góry

    I Can't Breathe Anymore

    I can't breathe anymore

    Why that is I'm not sure

    I've got my feet on the ground

    In fact I'm flat on the floor

    My direction is lost

    I should pause to take stock

    It's a new one on me

    To even dream that you're free

    It's a tale without an end

    But the end is there for all to see

    And if the end weren't so real

    Coming 'round and 'round again on me

    I guess it's all about my pride

    I want to be there at the kill

    But with or without God on my side

    I know that I really will

    Do góry