1CAMELSelva3: 40The Single Factor
2MARILLION3 Minute Boy5:58Radiation
3MARILLION Costa Del Slough1:27Radiation
4MARILLION Under The Sun4:09Radiation
5SABAH HABBAS MUSTAPHASailing Home5:33Jalan Kopo
6BEVIS FRONDHe Had You4:28North Circular
7BEVIS FRONDHeritage Coast9:12North Circular
8DISCIPLINEBefore The Storm part 1 & 215:50Unfolded Like Staircase
9ASTRALASIAI Talk To The Wind4:37White Bird
10CHROMEMoonchild3:35 Schizoid Dimension: King Crimson Tribute
11CONTROLED BLEEDINGTalking Drum6:59Schizoid Dimension: King Crimson Tribute
12MARILLIONNow She'll Never Know4:58Radiation
13BEVIS FRONDStay At Home Girl7:16North Circular
14MARILLIONBorn To Run5:11Radiation
15MARILLIONCathedral Wall7:19Radiation
16MARILLION A Few Words For The Dead10:20Radiation
17BEVIS FRONDGlowing Up3:03North Circular
19DAVID CROSSExiles8:56Exiles
20IRON MAIDENSeventh Son Of The Seventh Son9:54Seventh Son Of The Seventh Son
21BEVIS FRONDThe Stranger's Mirror11:11North Circular
22PAR LINDH PROJECTMundus Incompertus26:43Mundus Incompertus
23NO MANCarolina Skeletons5:08Carolina Skeletons EP
24MIKE OLDFIELDTubular Bells part 125:36Tubular Bells
25SABAH HABBAS MUSTAPHABandung5:08Jalan Kopo
26CAMELStationary Traveller5:30Stationary Traveller