1CAMELSelva3 :40The Single Factor
2COLIN BASSBurning Bridges4:52An Outcast Of The Island
3COLIN BASSFirst Quartet1:44An Outcast Of The Island
4COLIN BASSGoodbye To Albion7:11An Outcast Of The Island
5JOHN WETTONStarless9:48Progfest 97
6ROY HARPERI Want To Be In Love5:58The Dream Society
7FISHChasing Miss Pretty4:53Kettle of Fish
8JOHN WETTONIn The Dead Of Night5:17King's Road, 1972- 1980
9COLIN BASSHolding Out My Hand6:22An Outcast Of The Island
10ROBERT PIECULEWICZTemple Of The Sun6:49Speed Limit!
11MAINSTREAMFirst Light7:45Mainstream
12MAINSTREAMAll In All3:31Mainstream
13LANDBERKDustgod5:03Indian Summer
14EXPLORER'S CLUBNo Returning8:20Age Of Impact
15EXPLORER'S CLUBTime Enough9:15Age Of Impact
16PORCUPINE TREEWake As Gun 3:28Stars Die - rare & unrealeased
17PORCUPINE TREEHallogallo/Signify7:04Stars Die - rare & unrealeased
18BRYAN FERRYZamba3:03Bete Noir
19PALLASCall To Arms6:30Beat The Drum
20GENESISFollow You Follow Me3:58Turn It On Again: The Hits
21FRANCIS FORDFollow You Follow Me3:26Francis Ford Singles
22GENESISMusical Box10:27Nursery Cryme
23GIRAFFEMusical Box6:24The View From Here
24COLIN BASSMacassar6:16An Outcast Of The Island
25ENCHANTThe Cross6:53Break
26ENCHANTOnc e A Week6:23Break
27DREAM THEATERAnother Day4:22Images And Words
28SAGACareful Where You Step4:32De Tours
29SAGAIce Nice5:57De Tours
30SAGADon't Be Late7:13De Tours
31SAGAInterview3:38De Tours
32SAGAWind Him Up5:46De Tours
33COLIN BASSAs Far As I Can See6:17An Outcast Of The Island
34QUIDAMPrzebudzenie (Świt nadziei)4:48Sny aniołów