1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2OGRODNICY (+QUIDAM)Kolęda nocka4:50Kolęda nocka MC
3LOREENA McKENNITTSnow5:35To Drive the Cold Winter Away
4RUSHNobody's Hero5:00Different Stages
5RUSHCloser To The Heart5:12Different Stages
6AYREONWelcome to the New Dimension 3:05Into the Electric Castle
7AYREONIsis and Osiris: Let the Journey Begin/The11:10Into the Electric Castle
8THRESHOLDAngels6:42 Clone
9OGRODNICY (+QUIDAM)Kolęda nocka4:50Kolęda nocka MC
10PLATYPUSNothin g To Say4:54When Pus Comes To Show
12HIMYour Sweet 6664:12Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666
13HIMWicked Game3:54Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666
14KANSASEleanor Rigby3:20Always Never the Same
15KANSASSong For America9:16Always Never the Same
16OGRODNICY (+QUIDAM)Śniłem4:20Kolęda nocka MC
17OGRODNICY (+QUIDAM)Kolęda nocka4:50Kolęda nocka MC
18SPOCK'S BEARDJune5:29The Kindness of Strangers
19SPOCK'S BEARDFlow15:50The Kindness of Strangers
20MANIC STREET PREACHERSEverlasting6:06This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours
21MANIC STREET PREACHERSReady For Drowning4:31This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours
22MANIC STREET PREACHERSMy Little Empire4:09This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours
23GALAHADShine14:01 Following Ghosts
24OGRODNICY (+QUIDAM)Wielbić mego Pana chcę2:40Kolęda nocka MC
25OGRODNICY (+QUIDAM)Los4:50Kolęda nocka MC
26LANDMARQBetween Sleeping And Dreaming4:33Science Of Coincidence
27LANDMARQThe Overlook10:11Science Of Coincidence
28ARENAThe Hanging Tree7:09The Visitor
29ARENAThe Visitor6:13The Visitor
30DAVE MATTHEWS BANDDon't Drink The Water7:03Before These Crowded Streets
31DAVE MATTHEWS BANDThe Dreaming Tree8:48Before These Crowded Streets
32PAR LINDH PROJECTBaroque Impression No.19:10Mundus Incompertus
33DISCIPLINECanto IV (Limbo)13:46Unfolded Like Staircase
34RUSH211221:25 Different Stages
35GENESISVisions Of Angels6:53Trespass
36CAST Angels & Demons5:05Angels & Demons
37NO MANAngel Gets Gaught In A Beauty Trap9:56Flowermouth
38KANSASAngels Have Fallen6:38Monolith
39ROBBIE ROBERTSONFallen Angel5:52Robbie Robertson
40KING CRIMSONFallen Angel5:58Red
41CASTFallen Angel3:18Angels & Demons
42STINGWhen Angels Fall7:18The Soul Cages
43JOHN WETTONArkangel4:17Arkangel
44WISHBONE ASHBaby The Angels Are Here4:40No Smoke Without Fire
45TONY BANKSAngel Face5:16Still
46SARAH McLACHLANAngel4:29Surfacing
47ALL ABOUT EVEEvery Angels3:56All About Eve
48JON ANDERSONAngels Embrace7:03Angels Embrace
49ELOYCompany Of Angels9:45The Tides Return Forever
50ABBALike An Angel Passing Though My Room3:34The Visitors