09/10.01.1999r. - podsumowanie roku 1998

1CAMELSelva 3:40The Single Factor
2GENESISDancing With The Moonlight Knight6:30Genesis Archive 1967- 75
3RARE BIRDDollars8:38Somebody's Watching
4RUSHNatural Science8:05Pernament Waves
5AYREONTunnel Of Light4:05Into the Electric Castle
6QUIDAMCheerful6:59Angels Dreams
7DAVE MATTHEWS BANDThe Wishing Tree8:48Before These Crowded Streets
8BLACK SABBATHWar Pigs7:55Before These Crowded Streets
9GALAHADMyopia5:00Following Ghosts
10GALAHADEasier Said & Done4:31Following Ghosts
11PROJEKCT TWOSpace Groove II (fragm)8:00King Crimson - The Projekcts Box
12CAMELLunar Sea8:56Moonmadness
14GENESISSh epherd3:59Genesis Archive 1967- 75
15GENESISFirth Of Fifth8:20Genesis Archive 1967- 75
16STEVE HACKETTWatcher Of The Skies8:57The Tokyo Tapes
17STEVE HACKETTI Talk To The Wind5:25The Tokyo Tapes
18MARILLIONCathedral Wall6:20Radiation
19MARILLION3 Minute Boy 5:57Radiation
20MARILLION Now She'll Never Know4:58Radiation
21QUIDAMOne Small Tear4:56Angels Dreams
22QUIDAMBehind My Eyes13:57Angels Dreams
23COLIN BASSMacassar6:16An Outcast Of The Island
24COLIN BASSGoodbye To Albion7:11An Outcast Of The Island
25COLIN BASSBurning Bridges4:52An Outcast Of The Island
26ABRAXASSpiritus Flat Ubi Vult3:27Centurie
28ABRAXAS Pokuszenie12:00Centurie