1CAMELSelva3:4 0The Single Factor
2PORCUPINE TREEStranger By The Minute4:31Stupid Dream
3MARILLIONThe Space (acoustic)4:12Radiation (bonus CD)
4COLIN BASSMacassar6:16An Outcast Of The Island
5PORCUPINE TREEPure Narcotic5:02Stupid Dream
6PORCUPINE TREESlave Called Shiver4:41Stupid Dream
7PORCUPINE TREEA Smard Kid5:21Stupid Dream
8TALK TALKSuch A Shame9:00London 1986
9MARILLIONEstonia6:42This Strange Engine
10JOHN WESLEY13 Days4:50Lover Why
11JOHN WESLEYAn Ordinary Man6:03Lover Why
12JOHN WESLEYEmperor Falls4:50Lover Why
13FINAL CONFLICTRebellion6:33Redress The Balance
14FINAL CONFLICTWind Of Change5:42Redress The Balance
15SINEAD O'CONNOREmperor's New Clothes5:16So Far...The Best of Sinéad O'Connor
16BILL BRUFORD'S EARTHWORKSThe Emperor's New Clothes5:25A Part & Yet Apart
17BILL BRUFORD'S EARTHWORKSSarah's Still Life 7:02A Part & Yet Apart
18CASTDawn5:05 Imaginary Window
19TEN JINNTomorrow6:01As on a Darkling Plain
20TEN JINNLay Down Beside Me6:25As on a Darkling Plain
21CASTAround & Around9:07Imaginary Window
22CASTWhere Is The Light10:10Imaginary Window
23ARENAThe Visitor6:13The Visitor
24CRUCIBLEOver The Falls7:06Tall Tales
25AFTER CRYINGMegalazottak es Megszomorítottak11:40Megalazottak es Megszomorítottak
26AFTER CRYINGManticore Érkezése I1:48Fold es Eg
27AFTER CRYINGManticore Érkezése II6:36Fold es Eg
28MARILLIONLa Gazza Ladra2:40The Thieving Magpie
29TALK TALKTomorrow Started(27:00)London 1986
30TALK TALKLife's What You Make It*London 1986
31TALK TALKDoes Caroline Know*London 1986
32TALK TALKLiving In Another World*London 1986
33CAMELLullabye0:50The Single Factor