1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2DAVID SYLVIANPraise4:00Dead Bees on a Cake
3SPOCK'S BEARDDay For Night7:34Day For Night
4JON LORDEvening Song8:00Pictured Within
5STEVE HACKETTRise Again4:27Darktown
6PORCUPINE TREEAmbulance Chasing6:34Piano Lessons SP
7MARILLIONAbraham, Martin & John4:50Unplugged at the Walls
8TOM WAITSGeorgia Lee4:44Mule Variations
9TOM WAITSFilipino Box Spring Hog3:28Mule Variations
10FISHDigging Deep6:49Raingods with Zippos
11DAVID SYLVIANI Surrender9:24I Surrender EP
12DAVID SYLVIANThalhiem6:07Dead Bees on a Cake
13JON LORDPicture Within5:22Pictured Within
14JON LORDMenorca Blue4:10Pictured Within
15FINAL CONFLICTChanging Fate4:55Redress The Balance
16THE GATHERINGIn Motion #26:06Mandylion
17SPOCK'S BEARDThe Gypsy7:28Day For Night
18MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Ocalić od zapomnienia
19GRACIOUSSuper Nova24:55This Is Gracious
20GRACIOUSC.B.S.7:07 This Is Gracious
21GRACIOUSOnce On A Windy Day4:04This Is Gracious
22GRACIOUSBlue Skies And Alibis4:58This Is Gracious
23GRACIOUSHold Me Down5:06This Is Gracious
24MARILLIONLa Gazza Ladra2:40The Thieving Magpie
25MARILLIONBeautiful4:51 Unplugged at the Walls
26MARILLIONBeyond You5:59Unplugged at the Walls
27MARILLIONAfraid Of Sunrise4:13Unplugged at the Walls
28MARILLIONRunaway6:37 Unplugged at the Walls
29MARILLIONNow She'll Never Know5:19Unplugged at the Walls
30MARILLIONAlone Again In The Lap Of Luxury3:52Unplugged at the Walls
31MARILLIONThe Space4:09Unplugged at the Walls
32MARILLIONFake Plastic Trees5:10Unplugged at the Walls
33MARILLIONHolloway Girl4:13Unplugged at the Walls
34MARILLIONKing 6:32Unplugged at the Walls