1CAMELSelva3: 40The Single Factor
2PORCUPINE TREEIt Will Rain For A Million Years10:51On The Sunday Of Life
3LEGENDARY PINK DOTSNew Tomorrow9:53Crushed Velvet Apocalipse
4SKUNK ANANSIEGood Things Don't Always Come To You5:25Post Orgasmic Chill
5SKUNK ANANSIEI'm Not Afraid4:48Post Orgasmic Chill
6PROJEKCT ONE1 ii 22:42King Crimson - The Projekcts Box
7KING CRIMSONNeurotica3:43Circus
8SYLVIAN / FRIPPDarshan10:47Damage
9IQ The Universal Scam5:05Lost Attic: A Collection of Rarities
10IQHollow Aftermoon4:35Lost Attic: A Collection of Rarities
11MIKE OLDFIELDMuse2:11Guitars
12MIKE OLDFIELDB. Blues4:30Guitars
13PORCUPINE TREEDon't Hate Me8:30Stupid Dream
14PORCUPINE TREEVoyage 34 (fragm)12:09Voyage 34
15PHIL COLLINSLos Endos10:03A Hot Night in Paris
16MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Ocalić od zapomnienia
17RICK WAKEMANMusic Reincarnate I & II28:27No Earthly Connection
18RICK WAKEMANThe Prisoner7:10No Earthly Connection
19RICK WAKEMANThe Lost Cycle7:21No Earthly Connection
20MARILLIONLa Gazza Ladra2:40The Thieving Magpie
21SYLVIAN / FRIPPDamage4:31Damage
22SYLVIAN / FRIPPGod's Monkey6:42Damage
23SYLVIAN / FRIPPBrightness Falls6:29Damage
24SYLVIAN / FRIPPEvery Colour You Are5:40Damage
25SYLVIAN / FRIPPFirepower7:02Damage
26 SYLVIAN / FRIPPGone To Earth2:28Damage
27SYLVIAN / FRIPP20th Century Dreaming8:03Damage
28SYLVIAN / FRIPPWave6:11Damage
29SYLVIAN / FRIPPRiverman5:01Damage
30SYLVIAN / FRIPPDarshan10:47Damage
31SYLVIAN / FRIPPBlinding Light Of Heaven4:15Damage
32SYLVIAN / FRIPPThe First Day4:44Damage
33CAMELLullab ye0:50The Single Factor