1CAMELSelva3: 40The Single Factor
2DEEP PURPLESmoke On The Water9:12Total Abandon - Australia '99
3PROJEKCT TWO Sus-tayn-Z6:52King Crimson - The Projekcts Box
4JIMMY NAILTadpoles In A Jar3:41Tadpoles In A Jar
5MULLMUZZLERShores Of Avalon7:53Keep It To Yourself
6MOGUL TRASHSt. Peter3:39Mogul Trash
7QUIDAMChoćbym6:12Baja Prog - Live In Mexico '99
8ALAN PARSONSIgnorance Is Bliss6:49Time Machine
9ALAN PARSONSThe Call Of The Wild5:33Time Machine
10PORCUPINE TREEOceans Have No Memory3:05Piano Lessons SP
11ARENATears In The Rain4:35The Visitor Revisited
12BASS COMMUNIONDrugged III17:00Bass Communion 2
13MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRADream11:06The Lost Trident Sessions
14DEEP PURPLEBloodsucker8:18Total Abandon - Australia '99
15MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Ocalić od zapomnienia
16MOGUL TRASHSomething Sad7:30Mogul Trash
17MOGUL TRASHElegy9:37Mogul Trash
18MOGUL TRASHDreams Of Glass And Sand5:09Mogul Trash
19MOGUL TRASHGoing North, Going West12:06Mogul Trash
20MOGUL TRASHWhat's This I Hear7:16Mogul Trash
21MOGUL TRASHSleeping In A Kitchen2:45Mogul Trash
22MARILLIONLa Gazza Ladra2:40The Thieving Magpie
23CAMELNever Let Go6:45On The Road 1981 +
24CAMELSong Within A Song7:17On The Road 1981 +
25CAMELSummer Lightning5:33On The Road 1981 +
26CAMELIce7:11On The Road 1981 +
27CAMELCity Life4:53On The Road 1981 +
28CAMELNude / Drafted4:23On The Road 1981 +
29CAMELDocks4:06On The Road 1981 +
30CAMELBeached3:37On The Road 1981 +
31CAMELCaptured3:19On The Road 1981 +
32CAMELLies5:12On The Road 1981 +
33CAMELReflections3:47On The Road 1981 +
34JIMMY NAILTadpoles In A Jar3:41Tadpoles In A Jar
35CAMELLullabye0:50The Single Factor