1CamelSelva04:40The Single Factor
2Spock's BeardDay For Night08:03Don't Try This At Home
3Lee SaudersPrelude03:18Promise Of Peace
4Lee SaudersFor A Thousand Years04:58Promise Of Peace
5Lee SaudersWe World Prepares03:19Promise Of Peace
6Lee SaudersSoldier On Tom11:18Promise Of Peace
7Lee SaudersNot Just A Phoney War04:54Promise Of Peace
8Lee SaudersFace The War Alone06:50Promise Of Peace
9Porcupine TreeShesmovedon05:14Lightbulb Sun
10Lee SaudersIs This The Shape? Part 103:43Promise Of Peace
11Lee SaudersAlone In The Dark05:23Promise Of Peace
12Lee SaudersIs This The Shape? Part 203:03Promise Of Peace
13Lee SaudersReap The Whirlwind04:24Promise Of Peace
14Lee SaudersOverload05:09Promise Of Peace
15Lee SaudersThe Killing Grounds Of Falaise02:39Promise Of Peace
16Lee SaudersFor All Our Tommorows04:11Promise Of Peace
17Lee SaudersPoor Buggers Part 104:31Promise Of Peace
18Lee SaudersPoor Buggers Part 203:03Promise Of Peace
19Lee SaudersTomorrows Going To Be A Lovely Day05:05Promise Of Peace
20ArenaFriday's Dream04:43Immortal?
21California Guitar TrioBohemians Rhapsody05:46Rocks The West
22TransatlanticAll Of The Above30:59SMPTe
23HeebeegeebeesHere Is My Song03:30Heebeegeebees
24HeebeegeebeesBoring Song04:25Heebeegeebees
25HeebeegeebeesHere Is My Song - Reprise00:44Heebeegeebees
26HeebeegeebeesToo Depressed To Commit Suicide03:45Heebeegeebees
27HeebeegeebeesMusic Machine03:30Heebeegeebees
28HeebeegeebeesSweet Bird Of Peace05:40Heebeegeebees
29Dream TheaterImages And Words medley Live15:53Though Her Eyes Single
30Spock's BeardThe Healing Colors Of Sound20:00Don't Try This At Home
31Porcupine Treehatesong08:26Lightbulb Sun
32CamelLullabye00:50A Single Factor