Camel Selva 03:40The Single Factor
Camel In The Arms Of Waltzing Freuleins 02:19singel
Dream Theater Peruvian Skies 06:43Falling Into Infinity
Porcupine Tree Jupiter Island 06:11On The Sunday Of Life
Quidam Rhayader/Rhayader Goes To Town 10:59Moje anioły CDS
Camel Hymn To Her 05:23I Can See Your House From Here
Camel Fingertips 04:30Stationary Traveller
Camel Rajaz 08:15Rajaz
Camel Spirit Of The Water 02:07Moonmadness
Camel Irish Air 02:54Harbour Of Tears
Camel Sahara 06:45Rajaz
Camel Selva 03:40Single Factor
Camel Song Within A Song 07:16Moonmadness
Camel Pressure Points 07:18Pressure Points - Live
Camel Coming Of Age 07:20Harbour Of Tears
Camel West Berlin 05:10Stationary Traveller
Camel Drafted 04:20Nude
Camel In The Arms Of Waltzing Freuleins 02:19single
Camel Hour Candle 06:25Harbour Of Tears
Camel Never Let Go 06:25Camel
Camel Air Born 05:02Moonmadness
Camel Lunar Sea 09:11Moonmadness
Camel Harbour Of Tears 03:11Harbour Of Tears
Camel Ice 10:10I Can See Your Hosu From Here
Camel Long Goodbyes 05:14Stationary Traveller
Camel Rhayader/Rayader Goes To Town 08:21Snow Goose
Camel Lady Fantasy 12:46Mirage
Camel Stationary Traveller 05:35Stationary Traveller
Legendary Pink Dots Neon Mariners 04:46Any Day Now
Legendary Pink Dots New Tomorrow 09:53Crushed Velvet Apocalipse
Alan Parsons Project Fall Of House Of Usher 16:14Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
Camel Lullabye 00:50A Single Factor
CAMEL TOP 20 (wg słuchaczy)
Stationary Traveller Stationary Traveller
Lady Fantasy Mirage
Rhayader / Rayader Goes To Town Snow Goose
Long Goodbyes Stationary Traveller
Ice I Can See Your House From Here
Harbour Of Tears Harbour Of Tears
Lunar Sea Moonmadness
Air Born Moonmadness
Never Let Go Camel
Hour Candle Harbour Of Tears
Drafted Nude
West Berlin Stationary Traveller
Coming Of Age Harbour Of Tears
Pressure Points Stationary Traveller
Selva Single Factor
Song Within A Song Moonmadness
Sahara Rajaz
Irish Air Harbour Of Tears
Rajaz Rajaz
Fingertips Stationary Traveller
Hymn To Her I Can See Your House From Here