Camel Selva 03:40The Single Factor
After Crying Providence 02:446
Pain Of Salvation Idioglossia 08:27The Perfect Element
Chroma Key When You Drive 05:22You Go Now
After Crying Viaduct 04:366
Pain Of Salvation The Perfect Element 10:05The Perfect Element
King Crimson Starless 12:18Red
Camel Selva 03:40The Single Factor
Dream Theater Surrounded 05:28Images And Words
Dream Theater Lines In The Sand 12:05Falling Into Infinity
Dream Theater Dance Of Eternity 10:00Metropolis Part II
Dream Theater Peruvian Skies 06:43Falling Into Infinity
Dream Theater Finally Free 12:00Metropolis Part II
Porcupine Tree Queen Quotes Crowley 03:50On The Sunday Of Life
Dream Theater Lie 06:34Awake
Dream Theater Mirror 06:45Awake
Porcupine Tree Piano Lessons 04:21Stupid Dream
Dream Theater Voices 09:53Awake
Dream Theater Learning To Live 11:30Images And Words
Porcupine Tree This Is No Rehearsal 03:27Stupid Dream
Porcupine Tree Four Chords That Made A Million 03:36Lightbulb Sun
Dream Theater Space Dye Vest 07:29Awake
Dream Theater Erotomania 06:45Awake
Dream Theater Pull Me Under 08:11Images And Words
Porcupine Tree Linton Samuel Dawson 03:04On The Sunday Of Life
Dream Theater Change Of Seasons 23:06Change Of Seasons
Dream Theater Metropolis Part 1 09:30Images And Words
Porcupine Tree Jupiter Island 06:12On The Sunday Of Life
Dream Theater Home 12:53Metropolis Part II
Liquid Tension Experiment When The Water Breaks 16:58LTE 2
Camel Lullabye 00:50A Single Factor
DREAM THEATER TOP 20 (wg słuchaczy)
Home Metropolis Part II
Metropolis Part 1 Images And Words
Change Of Seasons Change Of Seasons
Pull Me Under Images And Words
Erotomania Awake
Space Dye Vest Awake
Learning To Live Images And Words
Voices Awake
Mirror Awake
Lie Awake
Finally Free Metropolis Part II
Peruvian Skies Falling Into Infinity
Dance Of Eternity Metropolis Part II
Lines In The Sand Falling Into Infinity
Surrounded Images And Words
Beyond This Life Metropolis Part II
Hollow Years Falling Into Infinity
Trial Of Tears Falling Into Infinity
Hells Kitchen Falling Into Infinity
Another Day Images And Words