1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2VANGELIS2002 FIFA Cup Official Anthem4:34CD single
3RUSHCeiling Unlimited5:28Vapor Trails
4RUSHPeaceable Kingdom5:23Vapor Trails
5TOM WAITSI'm Still Here1:48Alice
6TOM WAITSFish & Bird3:59Alice
7QUIDAMCiągle Czekam..(List Z Pustyni II)4:48Pod Niebem Czas
8LEGENDARY PINK DOTSDamien6:21Sing While You May
9LEGENDARY PINK DOTSNew Tomorrow9:56Sing While You May
10DREAM THEATERBad6:14Behind The Scenes II
11DREAM THEATER & Bruce DickinsonThe Trooper4:14Behind The Scenes II
12BOŻYSŁAWA KAPICATak miało być, nie było3:05Debiuty Opole 1971
13ROGER WATERSComfortably Numb8:08In The Flesh
14JADISComfortably Numb6:35Alive Outside
15JADISWonderful World8:04Alive Outside
16RUSHHow It Is4:05Vapor Trails
17RUSHSecret Touch6:34Vapor Trails
18TOM WAITSAlice4:27Alice
19TOM WAITSFlower's Grave3:28Alice
20PIOTR GABRIEL KOSIŃSKIMiniatura1:43private recording
21CAMELSending Home The Slates3:39On The Road 2000 - Sala Kongresowa
22CAMELRajaz8:48On The Road 2000 - Sala Kongresowa
23ROBERT FRIPPBreathless4:39Exposure
24ROBERT FRIPPUnder Heavy Manners4:56God Save The King
25HOW WE LIVELost At Sea4:23Dryland
26SUNDAY ALL OVER THE WORLDBlood Bruise Tattoo2:54Kneeling At The Shrine
27SUNDAY ALL OVER THE WORLDKneeling At The Shrine5:00Kneeling At The Shrine
28BILL BRUFORDHell's Bells3:33One Of A Kind
29MIKE OLDFIELDEtude4:38Killing Fields
30PIOTR GABRIEL KOSIŃSKIMiniatura1:43private recording
31MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
32UKIn The Dead Of Night5:34UK
33UKBy The Light Of Day4:27UK
34UKPresto Vivace & Reprise3:09UK
35UKThirty Years8:04UK
37UKTime To Kill4:56UK
39UKMental Medication7:26UK
40PETER HAMMILLVision3:15The Love Songs
41VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORPeople You Were Going To2:44The Aerosol Grey Machine
42VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORFirebrand4:08The Aerosol Grey Machine
43CHICAGOI'm A Man7:40Group Portrait Vol.1
44DEEP PURPLEAnja6:28The Battle Rages On
45ALAN PARSONS PROJECTSilence And I7:23Eye In The Sky
46MILLENIUMSetki spadających rzek5:58Reincarnations
47DIRE STRAITSTelegraph Road14:15Love Over Gold
48GENESISFading Lights10:14We Can't Dance
49CAMELA Heart's Desire1:11The Single Factor
50CAMELEnd Piece2:49The Single Factor