1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2LAKE OF TEARSReturn Of Ravens4:42The Neonai
3PETER MURPHYFake Sparkle Or Golden Dust?8:22Dust
4PETER MURPHYGirlchild Aglow7:17Dust
5SPOCK'S BEARDStranger In A Strange Land4:29Snow
6SPOCK'S BEARDLong Time Suffering6:04Snow
7GAMBALE/HAMM/SMITHKatahdin7:05The Light Beyond
8GAMBALE/HAMM/SMITHThe Throne Of Savitar9:11The Light Beyond
9GAMBALE/HAMM/SMITHIsle Of Few1:35The Light Beyond
10LAKE OF TEARSThe Shadowshires4:08The Neonai
11LAKE OF TEARSCan Die No More3:44The Neonai
12SPOCK'S BEARDOpen Wide The Flood Gates6:14Snow
13SPOCK'S BEARDOpen The Gates Part 23:03Snow
14SPOCK'S BEARDSolitary Soul7:34Snow
16PORCUPINE TREE.35:25In Absentia
17PETER GABRIELMy Head Sounds Like That (Remix)8:22The Barry Williams Show CDS
18PETER GABRIELMy Head Sounds Like That6:24Up
20MUSIC ATELIER PROJECTMiddle Ages Dream5:32Face To Face
21TILESFallen Pieces1:25Fence The Clear
22TILESChanging The Guard7:18Fence The Clear
23TILESGabby's Happy Song0:50Fence The Clear
24TILESCheckerboards14:43Fence The Clear
25PETER GABRIELI Have The Touch - 96' Remix5:29The Singles And Rarities
26PETER GABRIELIn The Sun6:45The Singles And Rarities
27PETER GABRIELI Grieve8:12The Singles And Rarities
28PETER GABRIELThat'll Do3:54The Singles And Rarities
29MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
30FLASHLifetime10:05In The Can
31FLASHMonday Morning Eyes5:03In The Can
32FLASHBlack And White12:04In The Can
33FLASHStop That Banging1:50In The Can
34FLASHThere No More11:35In The Can
35METALLICAFade To Black6:56Ride The Lightning
36SARAH MC LACHLANAdia4:06Surfacing
37SARAH MC LACHLANAngel4:32Surfacing
38IAN MC DONALDForever And Ever5:08Drivers Eyes
39IAN MC DONALDLet There Be Light3:24Drivers Eyes
40JON LORDBefore I Forget5:05Before I Forget
41URIAH HEEPSunrise4:04The Magician's Birthday
42MASON + FENNLie For A Lie3:16Profiles
43URIAH HEEPMagician's Birthday10:23The Magician's Birthday
44PORCUPINE TREEFadeaway6:27Up The Downstair
45WISHBONE ASHLullabye2:59Pilgrimage
46ANTHONY PHILLIPSSleepfall4:33The Geese And The Ghost