1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2RYO OKUMOTOGodzilla Vs. King Ghidarrah7:16Coming Through
4KING CRIMSONShoganai2:53Happy With What You
Have To Be Happy With
5KING CRIMSONI Ran0:39Happy With What You
Have To Be Happy With
6KING CRIMSONPotato Pie5:02Happy With What You
Have To Be Happy With
7OZRIC TENTACLESMyriapod11:10At The Pongmasters Ball
8THE FLOWER KINGSBlack And White7:40Unfold The Future
9STEVE VAILove Blood4:49The Elusive Light And Sound Vol.1
10STEVE VAIThe Reaper3:25The Elusive Light And Sound Vol.1
11MARILLIONA Collection2:58Singles Box Set 1989-1995
12MARILLIONSplintering Heart7:22Singles Box Set 1989-1995
13LARRY CARLTON / STEVE LUKATHERI Was Only Yesterday12:08No Substitutions - Live In Osaka
14SYMPHONY XAccolade II7:04The Odyssey
15SYMPHONY XAwakenings8:18The Odyssey
16RYO OKUMOTOFree Fall4:02Coming Through
17RYO OKUMOTOComing Through5:20Coming Through
18MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
19GONGOther Side Of The Sky7:40Angel's Egg
20GONGSold To The Highest Buddha4:25Angel's Egg
21GONGCastle In The Clouds1:09Angel's Egg
22GONGProstitute Poem4:52Angel's Egg
23GONGGivin My Luv To You0:43Angel's Egg
24GONGSelene3:38Angel's Egg
25GONGFlute Salad2:09Angel's Egg
26GONGOily Way3:37Angel's Egg
27GONGOuter Temple1:09Angel's Egg
28GONGInner Temple2:34Angel's Egg
29GONGPercolations0:46Angel's Egg
30GONGLove Is How Y Make It3:27Angel's Egg
31GONGI Never Glid Before5:36Angel's Egg
32GONGEat That Phone Book Coda3:12Angel's Egg
33GONGOoby-Scooby Doomsday Or The D-Day
DJ's Got The D.D.T. Blues
5:09Angel's Egg
34THE GATHERINGIn Motion #16:55Mandylion
35FREEMr Big5:58Fire And Water
36GOV'T MULEMr Big6:06Gov't Mule
37FLASH'N'THE PANLights In The Night4:30Lights In The Night
38GTRToe The Line4:31GTR
39FOXTROTA Shadow Of The Past8:44A Shadow Of The Past
40PORCUPINE TREEFadeaway6:27Up The Downstair
41WISHBONE ASHLullabye2:59Pilgrimage
42ANTHONY PHILLIPSSleepfall4:33The Geese And The Ghost