1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2DAVID GILMOURShine On You Crazy Diamond 110:20David Gilmour In Concert
3PAATOSThey Are Beautiful7:44Timeloss
4PETER HAMMILLOnce You Called Me4:40Clutch
5FOCUSBrother5:44Focus 8
6BOWNESS / CHILVERSHostage6:02California, Norfolk
7THE FLOWER KINGSSolitary Shell3:10Unfold The Future
8THE FLOWER KINGSMan Overboard3:40Unfold The Future
9PORCUPINE TREEHeartattack In Layby4:15In Absentia
10PETER HUTLINGERAnd I Love Her4:01Naked Pop
11CAMELAfter All These Years5:52A Nod And A Wink
12STEVE HOWEMeridian Strings5:24Skyline
13STEVE HOGARTHThe Deep Water8:48Live Body Live Spirit
14GEORGE WINSTONI Can't See Your Face In My Mind4:09Night Divides The Day
15GENESISUnquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers...2:23Wind & Wuthering
16GENESIS...On That Quiet Earth4:49Wind & Wuthering
17GENESISAfterglow4:12Wind & Wuthering
18PETER HAMMILLThis Is The Fall6:44Clutch
19STEVE HOGARTHEstonia8:18Live Body Live Spirit
20TORI AMOSGold Dust5:54Scarlet's Walk
21DAVID GILMOURShine On You Crazy Diamond 26:15David Gilmour In Concert
22MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
24BARCLAY JAMES HARVESTHappy Old World4:36Once Again
25BARCLAY JAMES HARVESTSong For Dying4:57Once Again
26BARCLAY JAMES HARVESTGaladriel3:10Once Again
27BARCLAY JAMES HARVESTMocking Bird6:34Once Again
28BARCLAY JAMES HARVESTVanessa Simons3:41Once Again
29BARCLAY JAMES HARVESTBall And Chain4:44Once Again
30BARCLAY JAMES HARVESTLady Loves3:55Once Again
31DAVID GILMOURHigh Hopes7:55David Gilmour In Concert
32MARILLIONSugar Mice3:01No One Can CDS
33MARILLIONSugar Mice6:08Sugar Mice CDS
34JOHN WESLEYSugar Mice4:43Waiting For The Sun To Shine
35BRIAN MAYJust One Life3:38Back To The Light
36PETER HUTLINGERFields Of Gold4:27Naked Pop
37EVA CASSIDYFields Of Gold4:42Songbird
38STEVE HACKETTIn Memoriam7:55Darktown
39PORCUPINE TREEFadeaway6:27Up The Downstair
40WISHBONE ASHLullabye2:59Pilgrimage
41ANTHONY PHILLIPSSleepfall4:33The Geese And The Ghost