1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
Tam gdzie nie sięga wzrok3:45Upojenie
3THE FLOWER KINGSSilent Inferno14:25Unfold The Future
4PORCUPINE TREEStrip The Soul/.316:20In Absentia demo
5DAVID GILMOURShine On You Crazy Diamond 110:28Live In Concert
6DAVID GILMOURTerrapin3:05Live In Concert
7DAVID GILMOURFat Old Sun3:35Live In Concert
8GALAHADA Deeper Understanding?3:47Year Zero
9GALAHADThe Jazz Suite1:41Year Zero
10GALAHADTake A Deep Breath And Hold On Tight1:35Year Zero
11GALAHADHindsight 1 - Piano And Clarinet2:13Year Zero
12GALAHADHindsight 2 - A Very Clever Guy Indeed5:40Year Zero
13KING CRIMSONLarks's Tongues In Aspic (Part IV)10:25Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
14KING CRIMSONClouds0:35Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
15DAVID GILMOURJe Crois Entendre Encore4:00Live In Concert
16SIGUR ROSid 811:34( )
17MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
18GENESISEleventh Earl Of Mar7:42Wind & Wuthering
19GENESISOne For The Vine10:00Wind & Wuthering
20GENESISYour Own Special Way6:18Wind & Wuthering
21GENESISWot Gorilla?3:19Wind & Wuthering
22GENESISAll In A Mouse's Night6:37Wind & Wuthering
23GENESISBlood On The Rooftops5:27Wind & Wuthering
24GENESISUnquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers...2:23Wind & Wuthering
25GENESIS...On That Quiet Earth4:49Wind & Wuthering
26GENESISAfterglow4:12Wind & Wuthering
27PETER HAMMILLWe Are Written3:55Clutch
28PETER HAMMILLDriven3:55Clutch
29ATTICUS FAULTLittle People6:21Atticus Fault
30ATTICUS FAULTMary Mother5:21Atticus Fault
31RUSHLa Villa Strangiato9:35Hemispheres
32ALAN PARSONS PROJECTTo One In Paradise3:10Pampered Menial
33CAMELRajaz9:10Secret Story
34PORCUPINE TREEFadeaway6:27Up The Downstair
35WISHBONE ASHLullabye2:59Pilgrimage
36ANTHONY PHILLIPSSleepfall4:33The Geese And The Ghost