1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2SYLVANDeep Inside9:15Artificial Paradise
3THE FLOWER KINGSToo Late For Tomatos10:24Unfold The Future
4THE FLOWER KINGSTrain To Nowhere3:45Back In The World Of Adventures
5THE FLOWER KINGSGarden Of Dreams/Business Vamp4:57Flower Power
6THE FLOWER KINGSGarden Of Dreams/All You Can Save5:01Flower Power
7THE FLOWER KINGSBig Puzzle18:21Alive On Planet Earth
8THE FLOWER KINGSIn The Eyes Of The World10:38Stardust We Are
9THE FLOWER KINGSI Am The Sun Part 115:03Space Revolver
10THE FLOWER KINGSChurch Of Your Heart9:41Alive On Planet Earth
11THE FLOWER KINGSStardust We Are25:02Stardust We Are
12MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
13EAST OF EDENHave To Whack It Up 2:19Snafu
14EAST OF EDENLeaping Beauties For Rudy (07:02)Snafu
15EAST OF EDENMarcus Junior *Snafu
16EAST OF EDENXhorkom (08:14)Snafu
17EAST OF EDENRamadhan *Snafu
18EAST OF EDENIn The Snow For A Blow (Medley)*Snafu
19EAST OF EDENPart 1*Snafu
20EAST OF EDENBetter Get Hit In Yo' Soul *Snafu
21EAST OF EDENPart 2*Snafu
22EAST OF EDENUno Transito Clapori 2:29Snafu
23EAST OF EDENGum Arabic (08:17)Snafu
24EAST OF EDENConfucius *Snafu
25EAST OF EDENNymphenberger 6:15Snafu
26EAST OF EDENHabibi Baby (06:26)Snafu
27EAST OF EDENBoehm Constrictor *Snafu
28EAST OF EDENBeast Of Sweden *Snafu
29EAST OF EDENTraditional 1:32Snafu
30SIGUR ROSid 59:50( )
31SIGUR ROSid 68:39( )
32LED ZEPPELINBlack Dog4:54Led Zeppelin IV
33BABE RUTHBlack Dog8:03First Base
34PORCUPINE TREEFadeaway6:27Up The Downstair
35WISHBONE ASHLullabye2:59Pilgrimage
36ANTHONY PHILLIPSSleepfall4:33The Geese And The Ghost


01 - Stardust We Are
02 - Church Of Your Heart
03 - I Am The Sun part one
04 - In The Eyes Of The World
05 - Big Puzzle
06 - Garden Of Dreams
07 - Road To Sanctuary
08 - Last Minute On Earth
09 - A King's Prayer
10 - Train To Nowhere

11 - The Judas Kiss
12 - There IS More To This World
13 - The Flower King
14 - Deaf, Numb And Blind
15 - Rhythm Of The Sea
16 - Magic Pie
17 - Monster Within
18 - Theme For A Hero
19 - Rumble Fish Twist
20 - Circus Brimstone
-   - The Road Back Home