1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2TONY LEVINApollo6:49Pieces Of The Sun
3RITUALHumble Decision4:01Think Like A Mountain
4RICK WAKEMANMusic Of Love6:47Out There
5SATELLITEFight4:29A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset
6HENRY FOOLPills In The Afternoon5:43Muzyczne pejzaże
7DREAM THEATERHome (radio edit)5:30Muzyczne pejzaże
8NO MANPhotographs In Black & White10:03Together We're Stranger
9PROCOL HARUMAn Old English Dream4:43The Well's On Fire
12SATELLITEA Street Between Sunrise And Sunset11:18A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset
13SATELLITEChildren2:30A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset
11RAZ DWA TRZYJestem tylko przechodniem9:45Trudno nie wierzyć w nic
15RICK WAKEMANTo Be With You6:23Out There
16RITUALOnce The Tree Would Bloom3:57Think Like A Mountain
17RITUALThink Like A Mountain5:01Think Like A Mountain
19TONY LEVINGeronimo3:11Pieces Of The Sun
20TONY LEVINDog One5:15Pieces Of The Sun
21TONY LEVINPhobos7:08Pieces Of The Sun
22MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
23CHRIS SQUIREHold Out Your Hand4:13Fish Out Of Water
24CHRIS SQUIREYou By My Side5:00Fish Out Of Water
25CHRIS SQUIRESilently Falling11:27Fish Out Of Water
26CHRIS SQUIRELucky Seven6:54Fish Out Of Water
27CHRIS SQUIRESafe (Canon Song)14:57Fish Out Of Water
28FRANK ZAPPAMs. Pinki3:40Zoot Allures
29URIAH HEEPParadise5:10Demons & Wizards
30URIAH HEEPThe Spell7:28Demons & Wizards
31SPOCK'S BEARDThe Doorway6:25Beware Of Darkness
32RAY WILSONGouranga4:43Change CDS
33SPIN 1NE 2WOKashmir6:19Spin 1ne 2wo
34YARDBIRDSThe Mystery Of Being4:08Birdland
35NO MANBack When You Were Beautiful5:07Together We're Stranger
36FRANK ZAPPACloser You Are3:00Them Or Us
37SVANNNiedokończony wiersz8:24Granica czerni i bieli