1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2RAY WILSONIntro0:26Change
3RAY WILSONGoodbye Baby Blue3:58Change
4THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BANDSuicide6:45Accelerated Evolution
5AFROCELTS Rise Above It10:13Seeds
6PORCUPINE TREEFadeaway6:14Up The Downstair
7PORCUPINE TREETrains5:56In Absentia
8PORCUPINE TREEMoonloop11:40Coma Divine
9PORCUPINE TREEWaiting (Phase One)4:29Signify
10PORCUPINE TREEEven Less (Parts 1&2)14:08Recordings
11PORCUPINE TREEDon't Hate Me8:30Stupid Dream
12PORCUPINE TREEStars Die5:06Stars Die - The Delerium Years
13PORCUPINE TREEBuying New Soul10:25Recordings
14PORCUPINE TREEShesmovedon5:13Lightbulb Sun
15PORCUPINE TREEHow Is Your Life Today?2:46Lightbulb Sun
16PORCUPINE TREEThe Sky Moves Sideways Part 112:37Coma Divine
17PORCUPINE TREERadioactive Toy10:10On The Sunday Of Life
18PORCUPINE TREERussia On Ice13:03Lightbulb Sun
19ANJA GARBAREKHer Room2:28Smiling & Waving
20ANJA GARBAREKStay Tuned4:11Smiling & Waving
21NO MANAngel Gets Caught In The Beauty Trap10:34Flowermouth
22OSIshutDOWN10:25Office Of Strategic Influence
24YARDBIRDSThe Mystery Of Being4:08Birdland
25NO MANBack When You Were Beautiful5:07Together We're Stranger
26FRANK ZAPPACloser You Are3:00Them Or Us
27SVANNNiedokończony wiersz8:24Granica czerni i bieli


01: Russia On Ice
02: Radioactive Toy
03: The Sky Moves Sideways Part 1
04: Shesmovedon
05: Buying New Soul
06: Stars Die
07: Don't Hate Me
08: Even Less 1 & 2
09: Waiting (Phase One)
10: Moonloop
11: Trains
12: Fadeaway
13: Space Transmission (!!! ???)
14: Sever
15: Wake As Gun 1 & 2
16: Stop Swimming
17: Voyage 34
18: A Smart Kid
19: Collapse The Light Into Earth
20: The Moon Touches Your Shoulder