1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
3JADISYourself Alone5:55Fanatic
4PETER GABRIELGrowing Up [Trent Reznor Remix]6:29Growing Up CDS
5KING CRIMSONElectric7:59The Power To Believe
6SATELITEMidnight Snow4:57A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset
7THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BANDThe High Cost Of Low Living7:51Hittin' The Note
8THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BANDDesdemona9:19Hittin' The Note
9JADISWhat Kind Of Reason8:17Fanatic
10STEVE HACKETTWind, Sand & Stars5:07To Watch The Storms
11STEVE HACKETTBrand New4:40To Watch The Storms
12THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BANDRockin' Horse7:23Hittin' The Note
13BEVIS FRONDAnodyne/See You6:16Sprawl
14BEVIS FRONDRequiem9:17Son Of Walter
15BEVIS FRONDCould You Fly Higher?4:57Superseeder
16FALLINFabryka samotności7:26Fabryka różnych samotności
17FALLINBlasphemy & the end?8:57Fabryka różnych samotności
18MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
19PETER GABRIELThe Rhythm Of The Heat5:19Peter Gabriel IV
20PETER GABRIELSan Jacinto6:34Peter Gabriel IV
21PETER GABRIELI Have The Touch4:35Peter Gabriel IV
22PETER GABRIELThe Family And The Fishing Net7:07Peter Gabriel IV
23PETER GABRIELShock The Monkey5:28Peter Gabriel IV
24PETER GABRIELLay Your Hands On Me6:09Peter Gabriel IV
25PETER GABRIELWallflower6:38Peter Gabriel IV
26PETER GABRIELKiss Of Life4:17Peter Gabriel IV
27THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BANDStormy Monday10.19The Fillmore Concerts
28FRANK ZAPPAWhippin' Post8:27Does Humor Belong In Music?
29GORDIAN KNOTRivers Dancing7:36Gordian Knot
30MARIANNE FAITHFULLRuby Tuesday3:59Symphonic Music Of The Rolling Stones
31ROBBIE ROBERTSONSomewhere Down The Crazy River4:44Robbie Robertson
32ATTICUS FAULTLittle People6:20Atticus Fault
33ATTICUS FAULTMary Mother5:21Atticus Fault