1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2PETER GABRIELBiko9:20Live In Poznan 30.05.2003
3SPOCK'S BEARDGhost Of Autumn6:53Feel Euphoria
4MOSTLY AUTUMNSimple Ways6:12Passengers
5FOXTROTA Shadow Of The Past8:43A Shadow Of The Past
7PAATOSThey Are Beautiful7:44Timeloss
8KARNATAKADelicate Flame Of Desire7:33Delicate Flame Of Desire
10ELPC'est La Vie4:16Works Vol. 1
11POPOL VUHBruder Des Schattens - Sohne Des Lichts9:21Nicht Hoch Im Himmel
12RPWLGames Without Frontiers6:20Live In Poznan 16.03.2003
13MOSTLY AUTUMNPassengers6:05Passengers
14MOSTLY AUTUMNDistant Train4:50Passengers
15MOSTLY AUTUMNAnswer The Question5:00Passengers
16QUIDAMSanktuarium10:41Baja Prog - Live In Mexico
17MANDALABANDOm Mani Padme Hum - Movement One7:46Mandalaband
18MANDALABANDOm Mani Padme Hum - Movement Two4:34Mandalaband
19MANDALABANDOm Mani Padme Hum - Movement Three3:29Mandalaband
20MANDALABANDOm Mani Padme Hum - Movement Four4:56Mandalaband
21MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
22STEVE HACKETTEvery Day6:14Spectral Mornings
23STEVE HACKETTThe Virgin And The Gypsy4:27Spectral Mornings
24STEVE HACKETTThe Red Flower Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere2:05Spectral Mornings
25STEVE HACKETTClocks-The Angel Of Mons4:17Spectral Mornings
26STEVE HACKETTThe Ballad Of The Decomposing Man3:49Spectral Mornings
27STEVE HACKETTLost Time In Cordoba4:03Spectral Mornings
28STEVE HACKETTTigermoth7:35Spectral Mornings
29STEVE HACKETTSpectral Mornings6:33Spectral Mornings
30VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORDarkness (11/11)7:26The Least We Can Do Is Wave
To Each Other
31VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORRefugees6:22The Least We Can Do Is Wave
To Each Other
32VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORAfter The Flood11:28The Least We Can Do Is Wave
To Each Other
33SPOCK'S BEARDSolitary Soul7:33Snow
34TINDERSTICKSMy Oblivion6:59Waiting For The Moon
35MOSTLY AUTUMNShrinking Violet8:32The Last Bright Light
36SINEAD O'CONNORThank You For Hearing Me6:25Universal Mother