1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
3PINEAPPLE THIEFVapour Trails8:31Variations On A Dream
4ENCHANTHolding The Wind5:45Tug Of War
5SPOCK'S BEARDEast Of Eden, West Of Memphis7:05Feel Euphoria
6SPOCK'S BEARDCarry On5:20Feel Euphoria
7MOSTLY AUTUMNAnother Life4:35Passengers
8DAVID SYLVIANA Fire In The Forest4:14Blemish
9NO MANBack When You Were Beautiful5:07Together We're Stranger
10GORDIAN KNOTCode/Anticode6:46Gordian Knot
11GORDIAN KNOTSome Brighter Thing7:33Emergent
12H BANDSong To The Siren4:30Live Body Live Spirit
13H BANDMan Of The World3:23Live Body Live Spirit
14H BANDThe Old Wild Men4:41Live Body Live Spirit
15BLACKMORE'S NIGHTDiamonds And Rust4:50Ghost Of A Rose
16BLACKMORE'S NIGHTRainbow Blues4:25Ghost Of A Rose
17BLACKMORE'S NIGHTAll For One5:30Ghost Of A Rose
18REFUGEEGrand Canyon16:56Refugee
19ANTHONY PHILLIPSScottish Suite - Salmon Leap2:46Private Parts And Pieces II
- Back To The Pavilion
20ANTHONY PHILLIPSScottish Suite - Parting Thistle2:25Private Parts And Pieces II
- Back To The Pavilion
21ANTHONY PHILLIPSScottish Suite - Electric Reaper3:00Private Parts And Pieces II
- Back To The Pavilion
22ANTHONY PHILLIPSScottish Suite -
Amorphous, Cadaverous and Nebulous
4:52Private Parts And Pieces II
- Back To The Pavilion
23ANTHONY PHILLIPSScottish Suite - Salmon's Last Sleepwalk2:04Private Parts And Pieces II
- Back To The Pavilion
24MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
25STEVE HACKETTThe Steppes6:05Defector
26STEVE HACKETTTime To Get Out4:11Defector
27STEVE HACKETTSlogans3:46Defector
28STEVE HACKETTLeaving3:16Defector
29STEVE HACKETTTwo Vamps As Guests1:58Defector
30STEVE HACKETTJacuzzi4:36Defector
31STEVE HACKETTHammer In The Sand3:11Defector
32STEVE HACKETTThe Toast3:42Defector
33STEVE HACKETTThe Show3:40Defector
34STEVE HACKETTSentimental Institution2:33Defector
35VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORKiller8:07H To He Who Am The Only One
36VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORThe Emperor In His War-Room9:04H To He Who Am The Only One
37VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORLost10:30H To He Who Am The Only One
38HNothing To Declare6:35Ice Cream Genius
39TINDERSTICKSMy Oblivion6:59Waiting For The Moon
40MOSTLY AUTUMNShrinking Violet8:32The Last Bright Light
41SINEAD O'CONNORThank You For Hearing Me6:25Universal Mother