1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2KAIPALifetime Of A Journey8:14Keyholder
3PORCUPINE TREEOrchidia3:27Futile
4PORCUPINE TREEFutile6:06Futile
5THE MARS VOLTAInertiatic ESP4:25De-Loused In A Comatorium
6THE SWORDS PROJECTAudience Of One10:15Entertainment Is Over If You Want It
7STEVE HACKETTSerpentine Song6:51To Watch The Storms
8PETER GABRIELGrowing Up8:23Warms Up In Paris
9PETER GABRIELIn Your Eyes9:45Warms Up In Paris
10KAIPADistant Voices13:00Keyholder
11GRAND FUNK RAILROADSave The Land4:30E Pluribus Funk
12GRAND FUNK RAILROADLoneliness6:39E Pluribus Funk
13UFOFlying26:30UFO II - One Hour Space Rock
14MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
15STEVE HACKETTBay Of Kings4:48Bay Of Kings
16STEVE HACKETTThe Journey4:16Bay Of Kings
17STEVE HACKETTKim2:26Bay Of Kings
18STEVE HACKETTMarigold3:37Bay Of Kings
19STEVE HACKETTSt.Elmo's Fire3:10Bay Of Kings
20STEVE HACKETTPetropolis2:47Bay Of Kings
21STEVE HACKETTSecond Chance1:59Bay Of Kings
22STEVE HACKETTCast Adrift2:16Bay Of Kings
23STEVE HACKETTHorizons1:49Bay Of Kings
24STEVE HACKETTBlack Light2:32Bay Of Kings
25STEVE HACKETTThe Barren Land3:48Bay Of Kings
26STEVE HACKETTCalmaria3:25Bay Of Kings
27STEVE HACKETTTime Lapse At Milton Keynes3:56Bay Of Kings
28STEVE HACKETTTales Of The Riverbank2:02Bay Of Kings
29STEVE HACKETTSkye Boat Song1:35Bay Of Kings
30VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORPilgrims7:12Still Life
31VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORStill Life7:24Still Life
32VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORMy Room (Waiting For Wonderland)8:02Still Life
33IAN ANDERSONCalliandra Shade (The Cappucino Song)5:11Rupi's Dance
34DEEP PURPLEFlight Of The Rat7:51Deep Purple In Rock
35ATTICUS FAULTSoundtrack6:30Atticus Fault
36PINEAPPLE THIEFThis Will Remain Unspoken3:27Variations On A Dream
37MARILLIONThis Is 21st Century11:07Anoraknophobia