1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2ANEKDOTENSad Rain10:14Vemod
3IRON MAIDENNo More Lies7:21Dance Of Death
4ODYSSICEAnd So Am I5:08Moondrive Plus
6SPEAR OF DESTINYLucky Man4:40Morning Star
7SPEAR OF DESTINYShe5:40Morning Star
8SPEAR OF DESTINYWarleigh Road6:39Morning Star
9ULYSSESWhere The River Runs3:48Neronia
10IRON MAIDENDance Of Death8:36Dance Of Death
11ODYSSICEDifferent Questions5:34Moondrive Plus
12ODYSSICEThe Final Decision6:22Moondrive Plus
13BEVIS FRONDSuperseeded11:06Superseeder
14PORCUPINE TREEEven Less/Slave Called Shiver11:38XM
15PORCUPINE TREEHeartattack In A Layby4:16XM
16MC DONALD & GILESBirdman21:45McDonald & Giles
17MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
18STEVE HACKETTWhat's My Name7:02Till We Have Faces
19STEVE HACKETTThe Rio Connection3:16Till We Have Faces
20STEVE HACKETTMatilda Smith - William Home For The Aged8:00Till We Have Faces
21STEVE HACKETTLet Me Count The Ways6:02Till We Have Faces
22STEVE HACKETTA Doll That's Made In Japan3:55Till We Have Faces
23STEVE HACKETTDuel4:43Till We Have Faces
24STEVE HACKETTMyopia2:54Till We Have Faces
25STEVE HACKETTTaking Me Easy Way Out3:46Till We Have Faces
26STEVE HACKETTThe Gulf6:30Till We Have Faces
27STEVE HACKETTStadiums Of The Damned4:37Till We Have Faces
28STEVE HACKETTWhen You Wish Upon A Star (Reprise)0:50Till We Have Faces
30VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORMasks6:56World Record
31VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORWondering6:33World Record
33BARCLAY JAMES HARVESTIn Memory Of The Martyrs7:56Turn Of The Tide
34ATTICUS FAULTSoundtrack6:30Atticus Fault
35PINEAPPLE THIEFThis Will Remain Unspoken3:27Variations On A Dream
36MARILLIONThis Is 21st Century11:07Anoraknophobia