1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2WIENER PHIHARMONIKER/PREVINO Fortuna2:46Carl Orff: Carmina Burana
3ANEKDOTENSad Rain10:14Vemod (Japan version)
4GENESISFor Absent Friends1:42Nursery Cryme
5DREAM THATERVacant2:56Train Of Thought
6COLLAGELiving In The Moonlight4:17Changes (remaster)
7THE MOODY BLUESIsn't Life Strange6:08Seventh Sojourn
8BABE RUTHThe Runaways7:12First Base
9ROGER HODGSONTime Waits For No One9:00Rites Of Passage
10THE MOODY BLUESThe Day We Meet Again6:18Octave
13CAMELAfter All These Years5:52A Nod And A Wink (Japan version)
14CAMELStationary Traveller5:35Stationary Traveller
15CAMELThe Hour Candle6:25Harbour Of Tears
16SBBW kołysce dłoni twych9:08SBB 3 - Pamięć
18MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
19ANDROMEDAToo Old 5:00Andromeda - See Into The Stars
20ANDROMEDADay Of The Change 5:06Andromeda - See Into The Stars
21ANDROMEDAAnd Now The Sun Shines 4:02Andromeda - See Into The Stars
22ANDROMEDATurns To Dust(06:50)Andromeda - See Into The Stars
23ANDROMEDApt1. Discovery *Andromeda - See Into The Stars
24ANDROMEDApt2. Sanctuary *Andromeda - See Into The Stars
25ANDROMEDApt3. Determination *Andromeda - See Into The Stars
26ANDROMEDAReturn To Sanity(08:20)Andromeda - See Into The Stars
27ANDROMEDApt1. Breakdown *Andromeda - See Into The Stars
28ANDROMEDApt2. Hope *Andromeda - See Into The Stars
29ANDROMEDApt3. Conclusion *Andromeda - See Into The Stars
30ANDROMEDAThe Reason3:32Andromeda - See Into The Stars
31ANDROMEDAI Can Stop The Sun2:11Andromeda - See Into The Stars
32ANDROMEDAWhen To Stop(08:37)Andromeda - See Into The Stars
33ANDROMEDApt1. The Traveller*Andromeda - See Into The Stars
34ANDROMEDApt2. Turning Point*Andromeda - See Into The Stars
35ANDROMEDApt3. Journey's End*Andromeda - See Into The Stars
36DEAD CAN DANCEDawn Of The Iconoclast2:06Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun
37COLLAGEEight Kisses10:06Safe
38ABRAXASTomasz Frey Torquemada10:00In Memoriam
39TALK TALKRenee7:44London 1986
40PINK FLOYDHigh Hopes8:30The Division Bell
41PAIN OF SALVATIONThis Heart Of Mine4:01Remedy Lane
42PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONIThe World Became The World4:48The World Became The World
43PAVLOV'S DOGJulia3:10Pampered Menial
44PETER GABRIELIn The Sun6:43Diana - Princess Of Wales - Tribute
45DREAM THEATERVacant2:56Train Of Thought