203 - 16/17.04.2004r.

1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2SHAUN GUERINJuliet4:18The Epic Quality Of Life
3TONY BANKSNeap Tide4:58Seven
4PROTO-KAWBelexes7:40Before Became After
5PROTO-KAWGloriana9:07Before Became After
6UFOThe Wild One5:39You Are Here
7UFOCall Me4:04You Are Here
8UFOSwallow4:30You Are Here
9THE MARS VOLTATake The Veil Cerpin Taxt12:15Televators CDS
10AEREONDay 5: Voices7:09The Human Equation
11AYREONDay 6: Chilhood5:05The Human Equation
12PETER HAMMILLWhen Language Corrodes2:46Incoherence
13PETER HAMMILLBabel4:36Incoherence
14PETER HAMMILLLogodaedalus2:18Incoherence
15TONY BANKSSpring Tide10:12Seven
16PROTO-KAWTheophany11:43Before Became After
17MARILLIONThe Invisible Man13:37Marbles
18MARILLIONMarbles I1:46Marbles
19MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
20KHANSpace Shanty9:01Space Shanty
21KHANStranded / Effervescent Psychonovelty No.56:36Space Shanty
22KHANMixed Up Man Of The Mountains7:15Space Shanty
23KHANDriving To Amsterdam9:23Space Shanty
24KHANStargazers5:34Space Shanty
25KHANHollow Stone / Escape Of The Space Pirates8:18Space Shanty
26SBBŚwiatłowód4:40Alte Ziegelei
27SBBW kołysce dłoni twych (Pretty Face)10:21Alte Ziegelei
28COLLAGEWell Well Well1:459 Songs Of John Lennon
29COLLAGEImagine6:059 Songs Of John Lennon
30RSCAneks do snu4:57RSC
31RSCKradniesz mi moją duszę4:56RSC
32REVOLVERPlay With Fire9:09Dze Doorsz
33SHAUN GUERINJuliet4:18The Epic Quality Of Life