208 - 21/22.05.2004r.

1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2XIII STOLETIBerlin & Vienna4:51Vendetta
3JOHN PETRUCCI / JORDAN RUDESSRena Song7:03An Evening with John Petrucci
and Jordan Rudess
4JOHN PETRUCCI / JORDAN RUDESSBlack Ice10:54An Evening with John Petrucci
and Jordan Rudess
5SALEM HILLSo Human5:25Be
6SALEM HILLBeings7:14Be
7SALEM HILLRegard Me7:28Be
8IQHarvest Of Souls24:25Dark Matter
9XIII STOLETIPosledni Letadlo Do Bouenos Aires7:27Vendetta
10PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONIImpressioni Di Settembre5:30Live In Japan 2002
11PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONIE Festa5:46Live In Japan 2002
12PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONILa Luna Nuova (Four Holes In The Ground)9:49Live In Japan 2002
13AYREONDay 13: Sign4:47The Human Equation
14AYREONDay 14: Pride4:42The Human Equation
15AYREONDay 16: Loser4:46The Human Equation
16FROGG CAFEWaterfall Carnival21:15Creatures
17MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
18HAPPY THE MANService With A Smile2:42Crafty Hands
19HAPPY THE MANMorning Sun4:05Crafty Hands
20HAPPY THE MANIbby It Is7:51Crafty Hands
21HAPPY THE MANSteaming Pipes5:42Crafty Hands
22HAPPY THE MANWind Up Doll Day Wind7:10Crafty Hands
23HAPPY THE MANOpen Book4:54Crafty Hands
24HAPPY THE MANI Forgot To Push It3:03Crafty Hands
25HAPPY THE MANThe Moon, I Sing6:16Crafty Hands
26AMAROKLook Around4:02Metanoia
27AMAROKThe Moment4:13Metanoia
28COLLAGEThe Night Falls7:56Changes
29COLLAGEYou And Me '883:07Changes
30COLLAGEJust Like Heaven part 15:22Changes
31COLLAGEJust Like Heaven part 23:03Changes
32COLLAGEEight Kisses10:08Safe
33RIVERSIDELoose Heart4:50Out Of Myself
34RIVERSIDEIn Two Minds4:38Out Of Myself