219 - 06/07.07.2004r.

1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2GENESISEleventh Earl Of Mar7:42Wind And Wuthering
3JORDAN RUDESSInsectsamongus9:31Rhythm Of Time
4JORDAN RUDESSBeyond Tomorrow9:55Rhythm Of Time
5GENESISOne For The Vine10:00Wind And Wuthering
6BARCLAY JAMES HARVESTPoor Man's Moody Blues7:30Live Tapes
7BARCLAY JAMES HARVESTMocking Bird7:30Live Tapes
8GENESISYour Own Special Way6:18Wind And Wuthering
9MASON + FENNLie For A Lie3:16Profiles
10MASON + FENNRhoda3:22Profiles
11MASON + FENNProfiles Part 1/Profiles Part 29:58Profiles
12GENESISWot Gorilla?3:19Wind And Wuthering
13LANDMARQTa' Jiang16:31Infinity Parade
14MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
15DAVID SYLVIAN/ROBERT FRIPPGod's Monkey5:01 The First Day
16DAVID SYLVIAN/ROBERT FRIPPJean The Birdman4:09 The First Day
17DAVID SYLVIAN/ROBERT FRIPPFirepower10:27 The First Day
18DAVID SYLVIAN/ROBERT FRIPPBrightness Falls6:07 The First Day
19DAVID SYLVIAN/ROBERT FRIPP20th Century Dreaming (A Shaman's Song)11:53 The First Day
20DAVID SYLVIAN/ROBERT FRIPPDarshan (The Road To Graceland)17:18 The First Day
21DAVID SYLVIAN/ROBERT FRIPPBringing Down The Light8:30 The First Day
22GENESISAll In A Mouse's Night6:37Wind And Wuthering
23SKALDOWIEKrywaniu, Krywaniu17:45Krywań, Krywań
24GENESISBlood On The Rooftops5:27Wind And Wuthering
25LAVENDERThe Thin Line Between Seven And Eight6:50Never The Same
26LAVENDERResidue4:57Never The Same
27GENESISUnquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers...2:23Wind And Wuthering
28GENESIS...In That Quiet Earth4:49Wind And Wuthering
29GENESISAfterglow4:12Wind And Wuthering