249 - 11/12.03.2005r.

1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2PORCUPINE TREEDeadwing9:45Deadwing
3PAIN OF SALVATIONAshes4:27The Perfect Element Part I
4PAIN OF SALVATIONMorning On Earth4:33The Perfect Element Part I
5RIVERSIDEStuck Between3:36Voices In My Head
6RIVERSIDEI Believe (live)3:57Voices In My Head
7DAVID JUDSON CLEMMONSCaucasia4:59Live In The Kingdom Of Agreement
8DAVID JUDSON CLEMMONSScars II6:46Live In The Kingdom Of Agreement
9DAVID JUDSON CLEMMONSBehind The Face4:15Live In The Kingdom Of Agreement
10JADISWonderful World8:38More Than Meets The Eye SE
11JADISMore Than Meets The Eye4:52More Than Meets The Eye SE
12PORCUPINE TREEDon't Hate Me8:29Stupid Dream
13PORCUPINE TREEHatesong8:20Lightbulb Sun
14PORCUPINE TREEWedding Nails6:25In Absentia
15PORCUPINE TREEArriving Somewhere But Not Here12:05Deadwing
16JOHN HACKETTWinter3:54Checking Out Of London
17JOHN HACKETTFantasy2:54Checking Out Of London
18MR. GILWake Up6:41Alone remaster
19MR. GILEnough8:43Alone remaster
20MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
21URIAH HEEPLook At Yourself5:11 Look At Yourself
22URIAH HEEPI Wanna Be Free4:01 Look At Yourself
23URIAH HEEPJuly Morning10:32 Look At Yourself
24URIAH HEEPTears In My Eyes5:01 Look At Yourself
25URIAH HEEPShadows Of Grief8:39 Look At Yourself
26URIAH HEEPWhat Should Be Done4:13 Look At Yourself
27URIAH HEEPLove Machine3:42 Look At Yourself
28URIAH HEEPWhat's Within My Heart5:24 Look At Yourself
29URIAH HEEPWhy11:18 Look At Yourself
30SATELLITEBeautiful World9:05Evening Games
31QUIDAMŁza4:56Sny aniołów
32QUIDAMPrzebudzenie (świt nadziei)4:07Sny aniołów
33QUIDAMJest taki samotny dom5:31Sny aniołów
34PORCUPINE TREEHalf-Light5:55Lazarus CDS
35RIVERSIDEDna ts. Rednum or F.Raf7:20Voices In My Head