272 - 2/3.09.2005r.

1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2PENDRAGONThe Wisdom Of Solomon7:05Believe
3PORCUPINE TREERevenant3:00Deadwing DTS
4PORCUPINE TREEMother And Child Divided5:00Deadwing DTS
5RPWL3 Lights7:30World Through My Eyes
6QUIDAMQueen Of Moulin Rouge8:24SurREvival
7DREAM THEATERSacrified Sons10:42Octavarium
8PENDRAGONSo By Sowest6:47Believe
9PENDRAGONLearning Curve6:37Believe
10PENDRAGONThe Edge Of The World8:20Believe
11STEVE WALSHRise5:15Shadowman
12STEVE WALSHDavey, And The Stone That Rolled Away5:54Shadowman
13STEVE WALSHPages Of Old4:54Shadowman
14JETHRO TULLThick As A Brick Part 222:45Thick As A Brick
15STEVE HACKETTThe Red Flower Of Tai Chi Blooms Everywhere2:15Live Archive 05
16STEVE HACKETTHands Of The Priestess8:13Live Archive 05
17STEVE HACKETTAfter The Ordeal2:07Live Archive 05
18STEVE HACKETTHairless Heart3:46Live Archive 05
19MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
20LANDBERKHumanize6:07 Indian Summer
21LANDBERKAll Around Me9:03 Indian Summer
22LANDBERK1st Of May3:34 Indian Summer
23LANDBERKI Wish I Had A Boat5:41 Indian Summer
24LANDBERKDustgod5:04 Indian Summer
25LANDBERKDreamdance4:49 Indian Summer
26LANDBERKWhy Do I Still Sleep7:55 Indian Summer
27LANDBERKIndian Summer5:12Indian Summer
28OZRIC TENTACLESVibuthi10:52Become The Other
29OPETHHarvest6:12Blackwater Park
30PROTO-KAWGloriana9:07Before Became After
31PALLASMidas Touch11:14The Cross & The Crucible
32TWELFTH NIGHTLove Song5:30Collector's Item
33JOHN HACKETTFantasy3:56Checking Out Of London