278 - 14/15.10.2005r.

1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2KATE BUSHKing Of The Mountain4:51Aerial
3DEEP PURPLERapture Of The Deep5:57Rapture Of The Deep
4PALLASBringer Of Dreams9:50The Dreams Of Men
5RIVERSIDEThe Piece Reflecting The Mental State Of
One Of The Members Of Our Band
3:03Conceiving You CDS
6RIVERSIDESecond Life Syndrome15:40Second Life Syndrome
7ALBIONMotyl6:30Wabiąc cienie
8ALBIONInny4:59Wabiąc cienie
9DEEP PURPLEClearly Quite Absurd5:27Rapture Of The Deep
10DEEP PURPLEJunkyard Blues5:32Rapture Of The Deep
11DEEP PURPLEBefore Time Began6:29Rapture Of The Deep
12KATATONIAFor My Demons5:43The Black Sessions
13KATATONIABlack Session7:02The Black Sessions
14KATATONIASulfur6:23The Black Sessions
15THE WATERBOYSPeace Of Iona7:13Karma To Burn
16THE WATERBOYSThe Pan Within13:14Karma To Burn
17MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
18KATE BUSHSat In Your Lap3:31The Dreaming
19KATE BUSHThere Goes A Tenner3:25The Dreaming
20KATE BUSHPull Out The Pin5:26The Dreaming
21KATE BUSHSuspended In Gaffa3:54The Dreaming
22KATE BUSHLeave It Open3:22The Dreaming
23KATE BUSHThe Dreaming4:11The Dreaming
24KATE BUSHNight Of The Swallow5:58The Dreaming
25KATE BUSHAll The Love4:26The Dreaming
26KATE BUSHHoudini3:50The Dreaming
27KATE BUSHGet Out Of My House5:26The Dreaming
28URIAH HEEPGypsy6:35Very 'eavy Very 'umble
29URIAH HEEPLucy's Blues5:09Very 'eavy Very 'umble
30UKDanger Money8:15Danger Money
31UKNothing To Lose3:53Danger Money
32JETHRO TULLOrion3:56Stormwatch
33JETHRO TULLDark Ages9:13Stormwatch
34RPWLHome Again8:50Trying To Kiss The Sun
35PINK FLOYDSorrow8:46Momentary Lapse Of Reason