297 - 24/25.02.2006r.

1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2THE FELLOWSHIPTir Im2:08In Elven Lands
3THE FELLOWSHIPDan Barliman's Jig4:28In Elven Lands
4BLACKFIELDMiss U4:10XM Live March 2005
5BLACKFIELDPain/Hole In Me6:40XM Live March 2005
6JADISThere's A Light4:56Photoplay
7JADISStanding Still5:12Photoplay
8STEFANO PANUNZIUnderground4:21Timelines
9STEFANO PANUNZIEverything For Her5:56Timelines
10COHEED AND CAMBRIAThe Willing Will IV: The Final Cut7:39Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV | Volume One:
From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness
11THE GATHERINGWaking Hour5:30Home
12THE GATHERINGA Noise Severe6:06Home
13THE FELLOWSHIPThe Battle Of Evermore6:41In Elven Lands
14LED ZEPPELINThe Battle Of Evermore5:51Led Zeppelin IV
15THE FELLOWSHIPThe Man In The Moon3:01In Elven Lands
16THE FELLOWSHIPElechoi3:56In Elven Lands
17THE FELLOWSHIPThe Sacred Stones5:06In Elven Lands
18JADISWho I Am6:08Photoplay
19JADISAll You've Ever Known6:28Photoplay
20BLACKFIELDEpidemic3:25XM Live March 2005
21BLACKFIELDScars3:59XM Live March 2005
22BLACKFIELDHello2:59XM Live March 2005
23MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
24UFOSilver Bird6:53UFO II Flying - One Hour Space Rock
25UFOStar Storm18:52UFO II Flying - One Hour Space Rock
26UFOPrince Kajuku3:54UFO II Flying - One Hour Space Rock
27UFOThe Coming Of Prince Kajuku3:42UFO II Flying - One Hour Space Rock
28UFOFlying26:30UFO II Flying - One Hour Space Rock
29SPOCK'S BEARDAt The End Of The Day16:28Spock's Beard V
30PINEAPPLE THIEFVapour Trails8:31Variations On A Dream
31TOOLThe Grudge8:36Lateralus
32DAVID GILMOURNear The End5:36About Face
33PINK FLOYDKeep Talking6:11The Division Bell