309 - 19/20.05.2006r.

1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2HIPGNOSISTired - The Sand Storm Around6:09Sky Is The Limit
3PAATOSNot A Sound7:25Silence Of Another Kind
4JOE BONAMASSABridge To Better Days5:07You & Me
5JOE BONAMASSASo Many Roads7:05You & Me
6JOE BONAMASSADjango4:56You & Me
7STEVE VAILotus Feet6:44Real Illusions: Reflections
8KATATONIALeaders4:21The Great Cold Distance
9KATATONIADeliberation4:00The Great Cold Distance
10KATATONIARusted4:21The Great Cold Distance
11HIPGNOSISMantra7:40Sky Is The Limit
12LED ZEPPELINTea For One9:27Presence
13JOE BONAMASSATea For One9:34You & Me
14MANGALA VALLISThe Boy That Howls At The Moon13:36Lycantrophe
15MANGALA VALLISThe Mask11:43Lycantrophe
16SYLVANMessage From The Past3:00Posthumous Silence
17SYLVANThe Last Embrace3:27Posthumous Silence
18SYLVANA Kind Of Eden4:55Posthumous Silence
19SYLVANPosthumous Silence4:59Posthumous Silence
20MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
21PATRICK MORAZOut In The Sun4:25 Out In The Sun
22PATRICK MORAZRana Batucada5:30 Out In The Sun
23PATRICK MORAZNervous Breakdown3:20 Out In The Sun
24PATRICK MORAZSilver Screen4:28 Out In The Sun
25PATRICK MORAZTentacles3:31 Out In The Sun
26PATRICK MORAZKabala4:55 Out In The Sun
27PATRICK MORAZLove-Hate-Sun-Rain-You4:48 Out In The Sun
28PATRICK MORAZTime For A Change9:00Out In The Sun
29REFUGEEGrand Canyon16:55Refugee
31NOSOUNDThe Moment She Knew9:39sol29
32VARIOUS ARTISTSUs And Them7:30Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon