313 - 16/17.06.2006r.

1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
3COSMOSIn The Dark Of The Night3:54Skygarden
4FROSTBlack Light Machine10:06Milliontown
5OSTINATOGoal Of All Believers8:27Chasing The Form
6VITOA Reckoning Of Sorts8:03Make Good Areas Disturbed
7COSMOSThe Final Path5:22Skygarden
8COSMOSEclipse Of The Sun7:51Skygarden
9MOTORPSYCHODevil Dog4:21Black Hole/Blank Canvas
10THE PSYCHEDELIC AVENGERSThe Tears Of The Lyehsis6:20And The Decterian Blood Empire
11LIQUID SCARLETLines7:07Liquid Scarlet II
12COSMOSTell Me5:39Skygarden
13MONOMoonlight13:03You Are There
14THE CRIMSON JAZZ TRIOLadies Of The Road6:43King Crimson Songbook Volume One
15THE CRIMSON JAZZ TRIOI Talk To The Wind9:56King Crimson Songbook Volume One
16GOV'T MULENo Need To Suffer9:02Live With A Little Help From Our Friends Vol. 2
17GOV'T MULEThe Hunter8:34Live With A Little Help From Our Friends Vol. 2
18MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
19FOCUSRound Goes The Gossip5:12 Focus III
20FOCUSLove Remembered2:50 Focus III
21FOCUSSylvia3:31 Focus III
22FOCUSCarnival Fugue6:09 Focus III
23FOCUSFocus III6:05 Focus III
24FOCUSAnswers? Questions! Questions? Answers!13:48 Focus III
25FOCUSElspeth Of Nottingham3:10 Focus III
26FOCUSAnonymus Two26:24 Focus III
27PINK FLOYDOne Of These Days5:57Meddle
28PINK FLOYDA Pillow Of Winds5:07Meddle
29JON AND VANGELISAnd When The Night Comes4:35Private Collection
30JON AND VANGELISDeborah4:54Private Collection
31STEVE HACKETTIcarus Ascending6:20Please Don't Touch