327 - 22/23.09.2006r.

1CAMELSelva3:40The Single Factor
2PURE REASON REVOLUTIONAeropause5:45The Dark Third
3PURE REASON REVOLUTIONGoshens Remains5:24The Dark Third
4PORCUPINE TREEHate Song8:26Lightbulb Sun
5COMETS ON FIREThe Swallow's Eye6:52Avatar
6PURE REASON REVOLUTIONApprentice Of The Universe3:59The Dark Third
II) In The Realms Of The Divine
6:33The Dark Third
8MR LABNever Said6:44And Now It's Time To Go
9LES CLAYPOOLOne Better5:58Of Whales And Woe
10LES CLAYPOOLNothin' Ventured3:08Of Whales And Woe
11ADRIAN BELEWWater Turns To Wine3:46Side Three
12ADRIAN BELEWWhatever3:17Side Three
13GOV'T MULESo Weak, So Strong5:07High & Mighty
14GOV'T MULENothing Again6:54High & Mighty
15PURE REASON REVOLUTIONI) The Twyncyn / II) Trembling Willows7:17The Dark Third
16PURE REASON REVOLUTIONI) He Tried To Show Them Magic /
II) Ambassadors Return
5:17The Dark Third
17HAMMER OF THE GODSThe Song Remains The Same5:35Two Nights In North America
18HAMMER OF THE GODSHeartbreaker4:48Two Nights In North America
19HAMMER OF THE GODSLivin' Lovin' Maid (She's Just A Woman)2:47Two Nights In North America
20HAMMER OF THE GODSThe Rover5:43Two Nights In North America
21HAMMER OF THE GODSHouses Of The Holy4:58Two Nights In North America
22HAMMER OF THE GODSMisty Mountain Hop5:30Two Nights In North America
23HAMMER OF THE GODSImmigrant Song3:27Two Nights In North America
24MAREK GRECHUTAOcalić od zapomnienia2:40Korowód
25WEATHER REPORTBlack Market6:30Black Market
26WEATHER REPORTCannon Ball4:40Black Market
27WEATHER REPORTGibraltar7:49Black Market
28WEATHER REPORTElegant People5:03Black Market
29WEATHER REPORTThree Clowns3:27Black Market
30WEATHER REPORTBarbary Coast3:10Black Market
31WEATHER REPORTHerandnu6:38Black Market
32FROGG CAFEFortunate Observer Of Time7:04Fortunate Observer Of Time
33FROGG CAFENo Regrets8:13Fortunate Observer Of Time
34WISHBONE ASHDreams Outta Dust4:26Clan Destiny
35WISHBONE ASHLoose Change4:47Clan Destiny
36WISHBONE ASHThe Raven4:45Clan Destiny
37ROY HARPERYou4:37Unknown Soldier
38ROY HARPERShort & Sweet6:29Unknown Soldier
39KING CRIMSONStarless12:15Red