Noc Muzycznych Pejzaży     
    8/9 grudnia 2006    
1 CAMEL Selva 3:40 The Single Factor
2 VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Aerosol Grey Machine 0:46 The Aerosol Grey Machine
3 LOREENA MC KENNITT Incantation 2:35 An Ancient Muse
4 LOREENA MC KENNITT Kecharitomene 6:34 An Ancient Muse
5 VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Aquarian 8:21 The Aerosol Grey Machine
6 BEAUTIFUL LEOPARD Same Old Things 4:05 How Long Will It Take
7 RED SPAROWES Like The Howling Glory Of The Darkest Winds, This Voice Was Thunderous And The Words Holy,  10:07 Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun
Tongling Their Way Around Our Hearts And Clutching Our Innocent Awe
8 LOREENA MC KENNITT The English Ladye And The Knight 6:49 An Ancient Muse
9 LOREENA MC KENNITT Caravanserai 7:36 An Ancient Muse
10 HENNING PAULY Listen To Me 7:00 Babysteps
11 HENNING PAULY What Do You Know 5:40 Babysteps
12 HENNING PAULY I See 7:00 Babysteps
13 STEVE HACKETT Waters Of The Wild 5:33 Wild Orchids
14 STEVE HACKETT Blue Child 4:24 Wild Orchids
15 THE TANGENT Follow Your Leaders 9:21 A Place In The Queue
16 JOE BONAMASSA So Many Roads 7:05 You & Me
17 JOE BONAMASSA Tea For One 9:32 You & Me
18 THE CRIMSON JAZZ TRIO Starless 10:40 King Crimson Songbook Vol. 1
19 MAREK GRECHUTA Ocalić od zapomnienia 2:40 Korowód
20 VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Killer 8:07 H To He Who Am The Only One
21 VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR House With No Door 6:03 H To He Who Am The Only One
22 VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR The Emperor In His War Room 9:04 H To He Who Am The Only One
23 VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Lost: The Dance In Sand And Sea/The Dance In Frost 11:13 H To He Who Am The Only One
24 VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Pioneers Over "C" 12:25 H To He Who Am The Only One
25 IAN GILLAN Speed King 3:48 Gillan's Inn
26 IAN GILLAN When A Blind Man Cries 4:21 Gillan's Inn
27 IRON MAIDEN For The Greater Good Of God 9:24 A Matter Of Life And Death
28 ARCHIVE Lights 18:28 Lights
29 TOTO Falling In Between 4:06 Falling In Between