599 Noc Muzycznych Pejzaży 
23 / 24 marca 2012
1 CAMEL Selva 3:28 The Single Factor
2 QUIDAM Wiosna 5:44 Saiko
3 ANATHEMA The Beginning And The End 4:53 Weather Systems
4 LOREENA MC KENNITT Caravanserai 7:36 The Ancient Muse
5 OLI BROWN I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know 7:06 Here I Am
6 HOWLIN' RAIN Self Made Man 8:01 The Russian Wilds
7 SINEAD O'CONNOR Reason With Me 4:01 How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?
8 SINEAD O'CONNOR Take Off Your Shoes 5:27 How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?
9 SINEAD O'CONNOR Back Where You Belong 4:16 How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?
10 SINEAD O'CONNOR Queen Of Denmark 4:37 How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?
11 SINEAD O'CONNOR VIP 6:36 How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?
12 IT BITES Wallflower 4:50 Map Of The Past
13 IT BITES Map Of The Past 4:37 Map Of The Past
14 QUIDAM Haluświaty 5:22 Saiko
15 QUIDAM …lato 2:41 Saiko
16 ANATHEMA The Storm Before The Calm 9:24 Weather Systems
17 LANDMARQ Calm Before The Storm 16:12 Entertaining Angels
18 LANDMARQ Stormbrewing 2:10 Entertaining Angels
19 LANDMARQ Thunderstruck 13:24 Entertaining Angels
20 MAREK GRECHUTA Ocalić od zapomnienia 2:40 Korowód
21 LOREENA MC KENNITT The Mystic's Dream 7:40 The Mask And Mirror
22 LOREENA MC KENNITT The Bonny Swans 7:18 The Mask And Mirror
23 LOREENA MC KENNITT The Dark Night Of The Soul 6:44 The Mask And Mirror
24 LOREENA MC KENNITT Marrakesh Night Market 6:30 The Mask And Mirror
25 LOREENA MC KENNITT Full Circle 5:57 The Mask And Mirror
26 LOREENA MC KENNITT Santiago 5:58 The Mask And Mirror
27 LOREENA MC KENNITT Cé Hé Mise Le Ulaingt?/The Two Trees 9:06 The Mask And Mirror
28 LOREENA MC KENNITT Prospero's Speech 3:23 The Mask And Mirror
29 CARAVAN Can't Be Long Now/Francoise/For Richard/Warlock 14:17 If I Could Do It All Over Again I'd Do It All Over You
30 GAZPACHO Golem 5:11 March Of Ghosts
31 GAZPACHO The Dumb 4:34 March Of Ghosts
32 THE PINEAPPLE THIEF Light Up Your Eyes - I 7:25 10 Stories Down
33 THE PINEAPPLE THIEF Light Up Your Eyes - Who 8:08 10 Stories Down